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It’s not hard to start a business. With a little motivation and determination, just about anyone can do it. The trick is creating a thriving business that offers joy and fulfillment in addition to financial security.

I’m Joey Sargent, a small business consultant and expert on business growth. I created HowBizGrows to provide entrepreneurs like you with the tools you need to build a business you love and a legacy that lasts.

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  • Business was going great, but lately things have slowed down. How do I get back on track so I don’t lose everything I built?
  • I’ve enjoyed success in my business, but I’m not satisfied. How can I take my company to a higher level?
  • My business is thriving, but I’m a little bored. How can I stay motivated so I don't ruin a good thing?
  • I’m thinking about what’s next for me. Should I sell the business or leave it to my children? What's the best choice?
  • My business is ruining my life! I work all the time and I never get ahead. Can you show me a better way?

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